Moving Insurance Tips from West Palm Beach Movers

Moving Insurance Tips from West Palm Beach Movers

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According to the best West Palm Beach movers, moving is risky business! So many things can go wrong during any relocation and the best way to make sure that you do not suffer any financial losses is to opt for a proper mover with a decent moving insurance policy. Your belongings can get accidentally dropped, dented, broken or even lost during moving. A good moving insurance coverage will provide you with a financial reimbursement should your property get lost or damaged.

Pick the right moving company

This is the first step to ensuring the safe arrival of your belongings at your new home. If you are looking for a good West Palm Beach mover, look for one with great reviews and comprehensive insurance coverage. Once you settle on a few movers, check their contracts to determine the extent of coverage you are provided with their insurance policy. In most cases, the insurance provided by the moving companies only cover a portion of your belongings and you will need additional insurance for full coverage.

Pick the right type of insurance

If you are opting for one of the quality moving companies West Palm Beach has to offer, then they will offer you several types of insurance options. Clients may choose from declared value, lump sum value and full value protection depending on your requirements. Be sure to review each option and to choose the best choice for your needs.

Calculate your insurance amount

In order to figure out the insurance amount you need, you have to do some calculations. Depending on how your movers charge, you may have to weigh everything, record the contents of your home and the number of rooms that you are moving. You can always ask your mover for advice if you are unsure how to proceed.

Create an itinerary of what you are moving

An inventory is an absolute must when you are moving. This way, you will know which item goes where in your new home and be able to figure out if anything is lost or misplaced. Make sure to mention the replacement value of each item you are moving as well as the total number of items, total weight of the items along with the total replacement value of your belongings. You can also take pictures to keep track of the condition of your belongings and for easy identification in the event of a loss.

Consider supplement insurance

Your homeowners’ insurance policy covers about 10% of the total value of your belongings and will most probably cover against loss during transit and theft. This can be a good supplement for the insurance provided by your mover. Transit insurance is another great way to supplement your movers’ insurance policy.

Important facts to keep in mind

Be sure to ensure the safety of your valuable items such as antiques, musical instruments and art. These items will most probably require additional coverage in case of loss, damage or theft. If something does happen to your belongings, you need to file a moving claim within 9 months of the loss, damage or theft. Just to be safe, keep all of the documentation within easy reach and inspect your belongings right after the move.

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