Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

Willie’s Transfer & Storage is dedicated to protecting your privacy and is 100% committed to communicating with all of our customers in a professional manner and protect any and all personal and business information.  We use the info you provide such as: name, address, phone number and email to contact you to share information about our services only.

Info covered in this policy:

Our policy applies to all info, personal and also financial, about you that is obtained by Willie’s Transfer & Storage about offering you any of our services, as well as when you send info to Willie’s Transfer & Storage through our web site or e-mail. Our personal privacy policy starts the minute we start to collect info and lasts well after our business has ended.

Just how we obtain info:

Your details are gathered through a range of approaches. We may gather personal and business details from you via:

  • The information you submit to us via our web site, phone calls as well as mail or email
  • Your transactions via Willie’s Transfer & Storage
  • Anyone you have authorized to give information

The Security of your info:

The information collected will be used solely for its designated use. Our partners and also vendors will receive just the information required for the intended use and will uphold our privacy policy. Your individual information is additionally limited to those staff members that need the information to offer you products and services only. Willie’s Transfer & Storage will supply your authorized mover with the necessary information to finish your product and service requests.

Selling your info:

Willie’s Transfer & Storage does not take part in selling your personal or business info to any 3rd parties. The only parties who will be given your information are those in which are accredited as well as are providing products and services to you.

Questions or Concerns feel free to contact us:


Phone number: (561) 842-4733