The West Palm Beach Movers Guide to Packing Shoes

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The West Palm Beach Movers Guide to Packing Shoes


While some people keep their shoes properly organized in a shoe rack or hanger, others tend to simply stow them away in a dark closet corner. In reality, regardless of how you regularly store them, improper packing during a move can actually damage them to the point of being useless. Many West Palm Beach movers recommend paying a bit of attention to packing your shoes properly to make the transition easier.

Many things can happen to a pair of shoes during the move. For instance, they can get stuck under heavy objects and crushed, bent out of shape and even damaged from moisture. In the case of expensive shoes made from delicate materials and high heels, proper packing is essential to make sure that they actually survive the move. The easiest way to pack shoes is to use shoe boxes. If you keep your shoes in their original boxes, you can easily pack them into the moving truck after placing the shoe boxes in a larger box. This is space efficient, easy and fast.

However, it is highly unlikely that everyone will have the original packaging of their shoes lying about. In this case, it is important to invest in packing paper or bubble wrap to wrap each shoe. Once they are properly wrapped, they will need to be placed on their sides on the bottom of a box. Make sure that you only pack a single layer of shoes in each packing box. Piling shoes on top of each other, even with packing paper or bubble wrap can cause them to be damaged by being shifted about and knocking on to each other. Flat boxes are ideal for the purpose.

If you are working with sturdier shoes such as boots and mens shoes, then they can be stacked in several layers. West Palm movers always recommend that you take the time to put the heavier and more durable shoes in the bottom and to place good padding in between layers to avoid any possible damages.

A good shoe collection is a part of a person’s life and personal wardrobe. The last thing anyone who is planning a move would want to do is to replace their entire shoe collection. While the packing process may seem time consuming and tedious, it is definitely a favorable option to shopping for new shoes or attempting to repair damaged expensive shoes.

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Author: Kathy Long

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