Tips for Handling Valuables

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While you can toss your books into small boxes, clothes easily hung inside a wardrobe box and furniture wrapped up without much hassle, what are you going to do with all those valuables in your home? How will you ensure the safety of the heirloom china set, the giant painting and the antique wine goblets? Luckily for you, West Palm Beach movers are well aware of the right way to handle valuables during just about any relocation. Here are some great tips to protect your valuables during your move.

Define your valuables

This is the first step. Obviously, jewelry, collectibles and antiques fall into this category. However, they are not the only valuables in your home. Any items to which you have a sentimental attachment and any items that you can’t replace are also considered valuables. For instance, while your gold and silver jewelry is valuable in terms of their cost, your asthma medication and your important documents are just as valuable.

Take what you can with you

Your valuables such as jewelry and documents can be taken with you quite easily. Simply pack everything up in a secure case and take it with you in your own vehicle. Be sure to assign about two family members to keep an eye on it so that they don’t disappear during the rush of moving.

Keep an inventory

An inventory is a must for every item you are moving during relocation. Consider creating a spreadsheet with all your belongings numbers and entered properly. This works not only for valuables but also for your furniture, kitchenware and other items in your home. Be sure to add where you packed it and any distinctive information about the items so that you can find it easily when you arrive at your new home. Some West Palm Beach movers also recommend that you take photographs and enter into your spreadsheet so that you can quickly identify if something becomes misplaced as well as to prove ownership if needed.

Protect breakables from damages

If you are packing anything valuable yourself, be sure to pad them as much as you can. For instance, expensive wine glasses or china can be wrapped up in bubblewrap or with clothing and towels before they are put in boxes. This way, move around inside the box and be safe from cracking and denting.

Hire the best movers West Palm Beach has to offer

If you are transporting items with high value, then you need the help of great movers. Pick one that offers a good insurance policy for your valuables and capable of handling your specific transportation requirements to ensure the safe moving of even your most fragile valuables.

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