West Palm Beach Movers’ Tips for Handling Heavy Furniture

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West Palm Beach Movers’ Tips for Handling Heavy Furniture


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Heavy furniture can make any relocation complicated. The best thing to do is to let qualified West Palm Beach movers handle them to avoid problems. Professional moving companies know very well how to handle heavy items during a move. If you are planning one and have a lot of heavy furniture and other heavy items that need transporting, here are some great tips from West Palm Beach movers to keep in mind.

Lifting straps

Lifting straps are used by full service movers all over the world to lift heavy objects. These can be adjusted and are extremely helpful when it comes to handling heavy items in a range of different sizes. Moving straps are looped under a heavy item and lifted by two people to share the load more effectively. You can easily buy them online or at home centers. Be sure to pick a good quality strap to prevent unfortunate accidents.

Opt for sliding instead of dragging and carrying

If you have moved before, they you may have seen movers use furniture slides to get heavy items across a room without having to use too much elbow grease. You can either opt to buy furniture slides or make your own sliders with things you can find at home. Things such as cardboard, bedspreads, plastic covers and so many other items can be effectively used as sliders. Keep in mind to use hard plastic items as sliders for carpeted areas and padded soft sliders for hard flooring. The idea is to not drag or carry the item but to push it across the floor without damaging it.


When it comes to massive items such as wall-covering book cases, plush sofas, recliners or large cupboards, disassembly is the ideal choice to make sure that you can handle them easily. Most pieces of furniture are assembled at your home so all you need to do is to contact the manufacturers and call for disassembly. Some movers offer flat packing services or you can take these items apart if you are confident. Be sure to label everything and to leave nothing behind. Even if an item cannot be fully disassembled, you may be able to take off parts such as shelves, drawers, legs, knobs and racks to make them lighter.

Create a layout in your new home

This is something that should be done before moving day. Measure your furniture and measure your new home to come up with a layout for your heavy items. Hand a copy of this to your movers and they will place your items right where they belong, saving you a great deal of trouble. Be sure to label your furniture with the room it goes in to make things even easier.

Heavy lifting is best left to the professionals to avoid injuries and damages to your belongings. Contact Willie’s Transfer & Storage for top notch moving services and packing assistance on your next relocation!

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